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With their soft fabrics that mold and fold to one’s Desire, Wyman is a brand with a “ready-to-wear” philosophy enrooted in the heart of Rio De Janeiro. The “tropical minimalism” style is defined by the sophisticated and versatile design. A blend of the Carioca lifestyle and the European free spirit, which gives women the space to express their individuality. Don’t leave yourself behind, immerse yourself in a blend of cultures by buying dresses online in UAE

The brand exists since 2014, Raquel Wymann is the creative director behind the brand, and Daniela Bechara the Chief Executive.

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Top Bloom White
Top Bloom White Sale priceDhs. 445.00
Yaya Skirt
Yaya Skirt Sale priceDhs. 774.00
Origami T-shirt Jumpsuit
Origami T-shirt Jumpsuit Sale priceDhs. 720.00
Vase dress
Vase dress Sale priceDhs. 1,357.00
Bateau TopBateau Top
Bateau Top Sale priceDhs. 346.00
Wrap Jumpsuit  - Coral/Mustard
Wrap Jumpsuit - Coral/Mustard Sale priceDhs. 1,505.00