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GINGA is Brazil, Brazil exhales creativity, and Letícia is Brazilian. In this melting pot of style, sounds, colors, and flavors, the first experiences in the fashion direction are established. Behind this project is Letícia, a protagonist of adventures around the world who discovered herself as passionate about expressing her personality through the clothes a woman chooses. 

Behind GINGA is contemporary women's fashion, ready to wear in minimal quantities that make it super select, exclusive, and signed by renowned and celebrated Brazilian designers. 

Over the years, Letícia has been accumulating experiences in the fashion world that only made her more sure of her professional destiny and the way to get there. When she became a mother, she understood, even more, the space that femininity and the expression of attitude occupy in a woman’s life. Today, behind GINGA, Letícia has a clear goal: to shorten the path between unique and stylish women and an authorial and exclusive style. 

Curated by Letícia, GINGA's style is balanced between unveiling authorial and extremely creative Brazilian brands with intelligent proposals to dress and express your personality beyond words.